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The two “android investigators” available as KS exclusives look strangely dissimilar.

More fun here (see “Diver”): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diemensiongames/deep-madness

(it’s a co-op board game, which comes closest to “RPS” in your tag list. Mayebe time to add a “board game” tag?)

We received this submission a while ago but wanted to wait until the Kickstarter had expired.  Not only is this game a textbook example of double standards, it’s also a textbook example of the creativity we see in so many of these productions:


The canonical blonde Black Widow is Yelena Belova and a completely different person to Natasha Romanov (played by Scarlett Johansson in the movies) and looks, almost exactly like this model:


So I’m not sure if they just outright stole or if they had the some genius idea for how to make them “totally different” that Marvel did.  Either way, she’s still a better design than the fore-mentioned “the Diver”:


Even there shameless Ripley rip-off has to have boobsocks:


And the worst part is, based off the default Investigators that come with the game’s most basic package – it looks like they started with an intention to make all the designs actually just… be good.


I guess somewhere along the way they got led astray by Creepy Marketing Guy and lost in an old myth with no basis in reality.

– wincenworks

(Also in response to the suggestion in this submission, we’re now using the tag “tabletop games” for all board games, tabletop wargames and the like.)

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