Now, originally I found this company via a post about

(link is nsfw due to nip slip)

 a new upcoming figure. However, upon looking I discovered that this company does kind of reflect everything that’s wrong with the tabletop wargame scene in terms of depictions of female characters.

If you exclude the female characters, their shop looks pretty much like a serious wargaming miniature shop.  it has iconic characters, scenery bits, armies, etc.

However, not only do they have the problem that they stock female characters purely for over the top titillation value, and are promoted as though as relevant to  but they also have the fanbase who try to rationalize this with baffling excuses:


I don’t think that it’s a very reliable trademark given it’s basically what every single wargame minature studio seems to doonly some make actual warrior minatures as well.

Let’s just be straight about it – they do what everyone else does but more blatantly and with exposed nipples.

– wincenworks