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One example that always sticks in my mind are the two Kingdom Under Fire games on the Xbox (great games dumb armour especially on the dark elves). The one character that sticks out for me though is Ellen who gets a bit of a patch job between games.

From the first game:


From the second: 


Its the same plate lingerie but between games someone decided got to put chain mail over all her exposed skin.

I’m struggling to find the words for this… In theory it is an improvement of some kind, but what is covering exposed skin with ridiculously close-fitting chainmail (patterned latex?) actually supposed to help with? Especially when her boobplate, chain thong and two-inch heels are still there?

It takes more than just covering the character to cure her design from sexualization.

Well, at least she acquired a helmet (a part of armor so often omitted on fictional warriors of all genders), I’ll give her that.

EDIT: Submitter noted on that little gem too:

It’s also a bit odd in-universe because the 2nd image is from a prequel game. So between games chronologically she decided to stop wearing the chain-mail and helmet. In retrospect probably a bad decision.

edit 2: Minor re-wording of the part about helmets, to make it more gender inclusive.

costume design community service: The Post about Sex Appeal in General

costume design community service: The Post about Sex Appeal in General


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“Fighting Girl Clothing”

This link is to a video by Rooster Teeth that shows how effective women’s fighting uniforms are in video games.

As one may guess, the results are…erm…censored.

Burnie (the man who is hosting the show) calls the fighting technique done by their two models desperately trying to fight while not flashing their tits is called “Bashful Panda.” I’m sure you can go to ANY martial arts studio and learn this move yourself.

Escher Girls: Now supported by science!

edit 2016: Due to original video posting service for this (Blip) being dead, the video’s now available via YouTube.

(Source: http://blip.tv/)