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This is the girl from the Ragnarok Online post a while back.

I always found it weird that a common justification was “freedom of movement” for drawing/presenting women in bikinis or lingerie with random bits tacked on as armor. Given that battle bikinis and lingerie armor generally come with accessories such as high heels, spikes jutting against the skin, and extremely tight mini-skirts, etc, such outfits would usually impede movement or even harm the wearer if they moved in certain ways. So, I’m fairly certain that the “freedom of movement” argument is kinda moot.

Finally a kind of post this blog was created for, YAY! 😀
Great point!

Evolution of a Swordsman in Ragnarok Online


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Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG where you can choose some job classes and level them up. I am actually not a player but this game is pretty popular in my country. Posters of this game is everywhere and I admire the style. This game features really good female outfit but the majority still falls into the sexualized category especially when you compare it to men. This is a sample:


A novice can start as a swordsman. Decent armor for the girl, feminine but tough. Equality ftw


Crusaders looking badass! One of the steps you can choose in the job tree. True warriors of the church! Yes equality for brothers and sisters!


And… then the Crusaders turn to Paladins. Aww look at how the mighty warrior discovered the truth that mini skirts are more functional and you don’t have to protect your belly. The highest class…


And from a Swordsman to a Holy Crusader to a Paladin we get the Royal Guard and… nuff said.

Man: leather clothes and boots -> more protection and boots until the highest class

Woman: leather clothes -> leader clothes with armor -> mini skirt and midriff -> bikini and stilettos (pls fix this one)

All images are official art and can be found in the sites below. The art style changed over the decade hence the inconsistency.

Poor girls had to donate most of their clothes in exchange for better weapons and shields. Now they have to run around in their underwear! ):


Mod edit: As HohenheimOL observes, not only the costumes change for worse, the illustrated character’s attitude too!


[There’s a] jarring shift in body language between the first and second half. Hell, the characters on both genders look completely different; they start out looking rough, gritty, and battle ready. Come the second half, they look like generic animu “action” protagonists.

All the mods call women ‘females’, it creeps me out

Ugh, you’re right!


Didn’t notice it before, so your comment confused me (I was worried you were referring to women commenting on this, sorry). Thanks for pointing that out, i-have-a-hunger!

Those are just disgusting :-/
Pro tip: “female” as a NOUN refers to animals, not humans (or sentient humanoids, if we’re talking about fiction). The word is “woman” and please no one ever forget that!

DISCLAIMER: The post below includes severly NSFW links. Click at your own risk!

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I agree with you 100%. They are mods, you don’t have to download them. Moders have complete freedom to create whatever they want. It doesn’t have to fit the theme. Skyrim was made to be moded, that’s why they made the Skyrim Creation Kit for users.  

But, nevertheless, that’s not going to stop me from thinking that some of these mods are downright creepy. BUT WAIT there’s more!! It’s not just female armor that’s creepy; it seems that you can download creepy armor for men, too. (They both don’t protect much heh)

I don’t really find it offensive, it’s actually funny and almost… sad? I don’t think the whole moding community is like this. There are plenty of mods that can enhance Skyrim’s beauty. 

We’re on the same page, angercats. I took the liberty of bolding the point I agree most about.
It’s just saddening how far some people can go to make their mod designs as perverted as possible, as if it added anything to the game experience.