Alright. Can we submit personal drawings for a sort of, critique? My friends who I play DnD with want their characters drawn up. A few of them have women who can wear armor. My question is can I submit these drawing for ideas and opinions on what’s realistic versus something that’s a mere ‘flashy’ look to it.

Yes, of course!

I’d publish submitted personal art here with pleasure as long it makes a point on what armor (or any kind of battle wear) should (or shouldn’t) be like to serve its purpose.

If you want to submit your art to get some advice from me on it, I’ll do my best, but in this case I’d say that mod of Costume Community Service would be more qualified to do that.

All the mods call women ‘females’, it creeps me out

Ugh, you’re right!


Didn’t notice it before, so your comment confused me (I was worried you were referring to women commenting on this, sorry). Thanks for pointing that out, i-have-a-hunger!

Those are just disgusting :-/
Pro tip: “female” as a NOUN refers to animals, not humans (or sentient humanoids, if we’re talking about fiction). The word is “woman” and please no one ever forget that!

DISCLAIMER: The post below includes severly NSFW links. Click at your own risk!

re: this post

angercats submitted

I agree with you 100%. They are mods, you don’t have to download them. Moders have complete freedom to create whatever they want. It doesn’t have to fit the theme. Skyrim was made to be moded, that’s why they made the Skyrim Creation Kit for users.  

But, nevertheless, that’s not going to stop me from thinking that some of these mods are downright creepy. BUT WAIT there’s more!! It’s not just female armor that’s creepy; it seems that you can download creepy armor for men, too. (They both don’t protect much heh)

I don’t really find it offensive, it’s actually funny and almost… sad? I don’t think the whole moding community is like this. There are plenty of mods that can enhance Skyrim’s beauty. 

We’re on the same page, angercats. I took the liberty of bolding the point I agree most about.
It’s just saddening how far some people can go to make their mod designs as perverted as possible, as if it added anything to the game experience.