Mathieu Cesar – “Vers l’infini et au-delà

lafinjack submitted:

I just came across this, and I don’t even know. Literal boob and ass windows. (possibly NSFW)

WTF did I just watch? I’m guessing the ultimate proof that no matter how hard you try to pass something that ridiculous as “artsy” it doesn’t all of sudden stop being silly.


Okay, look – there’s a right way and a wrong way to homage Metropolis.  This was definitely the wrong way.

(Apologies if it didn’t show first time you looked – for some reason Tumblr decided it wouldn’t show the video at first posting.  Bad Tumblr.)

– wincenworks

Hi there! So I’ve been researching female armors lately, and I’d like your help to clarify something if possible. Is the classical woebegone “boobplate” totally unfeasible/impractical in reality, or is it just unnecessary but still functional? What I’m having in mind here isn’t the ice-cream-scoops one with a cleavage but rather one solid steel piece over the chest, like a B-cup armor instead of the A-cup unisex one. Thank you!

There’s been a lot of discussion on how functional boobplate is (barring the most extreme cases of dangerous cleavage), the biggest consensus seems to be that creating breastplate that fits the form of boobs adds unnecessary work for the armorer and no noticeable benefits to the wearer (but lots of potential problems).

As for “unisex” armor being A-cup… it’s really not true. Most of standard combat-ready breastplates include a lot of place for chests of most sizes, especially because there’s lots of padding required unbeneath, which may act as additional binding to the breasts.

For more details, go into boobplate tag, especially posts tagged also as acticle.



it’s a constant that people will look at misogyny in video games and say ‘but look at all of the women fawning over this male character’ like having a cute boy with a nice face and all of his clothes on is somehow on the same level as bikini armor and things like jiggle physics.

if link’s face seriously makes men feel objectified i’m jealous let’s trade

I’m all about such trade! LET’S DO THIS!


It has to be authentic “video game jiggle physics” though, so nothing like how real bodies jiggle.  The whole crotch bulge should bounce and jiggle around like it’s a bag full of cats, making it impossible not to notice every time the character moves.

Only then will the trade be truly fair!

– wincenworks