It’s not that I mind seeing breasts everywhere; after all, I have two of my own that I quite like. But it’s disheartening that breasts are often considered more interesting than the people they’re attached to – as if we’re an afterthought compared to our body parts.

My latest at the Guardian US on how women are reclaiming their racks. #sorrynotsorry (via jessicavalenti)

Exactly my thoughts whenever I see just another design focused on cleavage window or boobplate, while serving no practical function or informing us nothing about who wears it.


The Results of Feminism?



Sean Connery in  ‘Zardoz’ (1973)

Obviously, in scifi ‘equal rights’ means that men get to wear bikini armor too.

Personally, I’m stoked for this future!

It’s also worth remembering that not only was Zed a brilliant and mighty warrior, he also did deliveries:


Happy Friday!

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Marcus Fenix submitted:

Iron Bull compliments Cassandra on her armor choice in Dragon Age Inquisition.

The Iron Bull may not be a scholar, but he knows what’s what when it comes to breastplates.  This is quality banter.

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Saw this ad on TV tonight and thought of you. I don’t so much mind the teasing “come and play with me” pitch – I’ve burned out my get-offended circuit for that – but walking through the battlefield in that dress? (And wouldn’t it have been more interesting if they’d put her in good armor?)

Yet another arms race of terrible advertising for painfully generic games has escalated again.  And why would a game like GodGame of ThronesWar engage in this kind of ridiculous nonsense?

Because whether they use sexual imagery or franchise names to sell, these products are basically horrible rip offs employing graphics and game mechanics that were exciting in 2001.

This is not to say that a simple game mechanic can’t be fun and engaging, I mean look at Candy Crush Saga’s success. The main issue here is that these are basically stripped back versions that – instead using sophisticated AI and scaling difficulty – they just use other players (which means that they also want you to be both part of the product and pay for the privilege of doing so).

And this is why “sex sells“ for these games is a myth – it’s simply the company with the biggest market exposure gets the most sales.  After all, they games are all more or less the same and are only playable before the volume of unbearable jerk players reaches critical mass.

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What I find particularly ironic about it… That’s not your typical cheap “sex sells” slap-somegeneric-sexy-lady-artandinnuendo-taglineon-aweb-banner ad, but a TV ad! They actually invested money into shooting this at a relatively high production value… And still decided that making it all about a sexy lady selling you The Thing was the best way to market their game.


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