Before the Bingo Sunday starts as usual, just a quick note:

While Female Armor Bingo is free to use for its intended purposes and you’re all encouraged to share your completed bingos – the bingo card design is not to be reposted on other sites or repurposed for other bingos.

Bikini Armor Battle Damage certainly supports people making their own designs for similarly intended bingos (like the Male Protagonist Bingo the EscherGirls Bingo) but asks that you do your own design work.


hey artists: if you google “feminine armour” instead of “female armour” you’ll get awesome-looking practical armour that is still feminine instead of boob cups

I have to admit, when I did the search the results were not entirely free of ridiculous boob cups and other offences, but it certainly did improve the results.

– wincenworks