So I recently saw a really good post where @bikiniarmorbattledamage patiently explained how a character that was half-dressed wasn’t necessarily objectified and how male bodies are treated very different than female bodies in media. So I made a handy visual guide for anyone still having trouble with the concept! Explanation under the cut.

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So honored that one of our writings inspired such awesome characters! Wish I knew which specific post it was (we had a couple, my best guess is this or this one), so I’ll be leaving the links to false equivalence tag and masterpost, where all we ever said about the subject is collected.

That’s some genuine empowerment for all genders right there. The heroine belongs to her fellow topless Barbarian ladies (with optional sexy men at their feet, for decoration) and her partner provides some much needed representation for young, beautiful warrior men with penchant for fainting in powerful women’s arms.

Everyone please read the further description, especially how it goes into detail why the boyfriend always has to dress, pose and emote so goshdang sexily! Quality stuff. 


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