In an alternate mirror universe where game developers are terrified of making new franchises starring male leads Gears of War, Call of Duty, Doom, Max Payne, Battlefield, and Deus Ex all star Duke Nukem and people get really angry when you say you wish they would try to make some new male leads instead of hammer Duke Nukem into increasingly tonally different games.

Thank goodness female characters in popular video game franchises never suffer from a lack of diversity in appearance or tonal incongruity.


Yes, there is one character who appears in this image line up twice – and it’s not one of the (many) obvious match ups.

– wincenworks

Given the recent hilarity with Street Fighter’s new characters being indistinguishable from some Smite characters (and also some Halloween costumes) – it seemed appropriate to bring up this reminder that so many video games seem to use more or less the same few female models.

Even when the video games aspire to avoid it, honestly or less honestly, the expectations from marketing teams and just the general normalization of this kind of imagery in modern media leads to designs repeating.

This is why it’s so important to challenge these trends and not look for any excuse to just ignore it.

– wincenworks

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