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Eredar model image credit to MMO Champion

So the data mining from the PTR for Patch 7.3 of WoW began and I like many players was eager to see what new models would be found, and among the many cool new sets, mobs and even old npcs with new faces was the latest in models for an Eredar woman, probably a boss. 

Now as someone well versed in Blizzard armor set logic her design felt familiar but disappointing, especially since they continue to be claiming they are attempting to be better about not needlessly sexualizing their female characters. 

So in protest I filled out a bingo. 

Half points for her hooves acting as high heels in the way they make her stand and half points for bared belly as she isn’t showing her navel but she does inexplicably have side stomach visible. 

Any squares marked with a question mark are due to not being able to find images of her model from other angles so I’m unsure if they apply or not. 

Not a bingo… but still a disappointment. I continue to wish Blizzard were sticking to their guns on their promises, and continue to wonder why I get disappointed every time they inevitably don’t. 

Oh that whacky Blizzard! Always promising they’re committed to do female characters better in their new properties and World of Warcraft!  Showing fans they’re aware of the concerns and ignoring them for years on end.

With creative displays like this it’s no wonder that they’ve basically given up trying to increase subscriptions for WoW and instead are now just trying to squeeze more money out of the existing players.

– wincenworks

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