These are all screencaps from a Features Overview promo video.

So, it seems that the Tekken fanbase have either settled down and decided to spend their time playing the game (rather than searching for anyone besmirching it’s name) or moved on to protecting other games.

I have fond memories of playing the early Tekken games and I really wanted to get excited about the new Tekken game, but with the priorities on display in this trailer made it kind of hard.

Particularly telling is scene with Nina in some sort of white (bridal?) gown with a gun, where in a video to show off how well crafted the game is: there’s a rather worrying issue with the cutscene animation.


Then of course, that after all the rage directed at Konami after the last year or so… they still think the audience will be excited about Pachinko machines.

Can’t say that I’m surprised though.

– wincenworks

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