One thing that has always pissed me off in Bravely Default are the blatant double standards of job costumes. I could have gone with almost every job, but I chose to illustrate this problem with the Dark Mage one, because it’s an outfit that really striked me. Yeah, so guys like Ringabel have super cool pants, while Dark Mage girls like Edea are forced to battle in short dresses and garterbelt? Fuck that.
It’s not supposed to be an armor, but it has to protect the body, and I don’t see the point of shortening the ladies’skirts since it makes them more vulnerable- oh wait, it’s female empowerment y’all!

So to correct this unfairness, I drew Ringabel with the ladies’costume, and look at how empowered he looks! ^^/

Inspired by @bikiniarmorbattledamage and the Hawkeye Project, although it’s not a superhero!

Art © soyokaze-step

Good job at fixing the double standard, @soyokaze-step

It’s always relative, but I think you managed to avoid the “it’s funny, because he looks so girly” trap of putting a male character in female-coded clothes and/or makeup. 

Ringabell looks rightfully empowered, not shamed, for wearing a dress. 

How do any of those outfits, including the original male one, communicate a dark magic user, though, is a mystery to me.


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