While Grimm Fairy Tales is an extremely low-hanging fruit, I couldn’t help but snicker at how “creative” not only the costume, but all of those covers with the same heroine are – at least two poses get reused a lot with very slight modifications, like a closeup. And her expression on a vast majority is all the same.

Also it sums up GFT’s “mastery” at conveying character through their design – I suppose this is meant to be Snow White by the apple motif on her arm-warmer and the vaguely Disney-esque color scheme (aaand that alternative #2 cover).
Though didn’t she wear glasses and dress differently in those comics? Is that… a reboot? No, apparently it’s a sequel series and this is her daughter. Even in a legacy-based relaunch, Zenoscope isn’t capable of changing the status quo. 

But, of course, random conventionally attractive women in battle leotards* posing “sexily” with swords totally tell me all I need to know about this mature take on fairy tale stories and characters.


I wonder what they could have been inspired by…


I mean we all knew, but I just wanted to put it here so it highlights the @eschergirls type anatomy.

– wincenworks

That… “outfit”… looks like crap. Tagging this for a livestream somewhere down the line, hope y’all look forward to it.


*Should I really call it that? It looks like a mix of lingerie, swimsuit and bodypaint.

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