nicksuckseggs submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d)

This is the newest addition to High-Rez’s hero fighter, “Paladins” who is one of the more interesting characters on their roster as far as her character goes, but that just makes it so much more disappointing that this is the design they ended up going with. This full screen image was the first thing I was greeted with upon logging in after the latest patch.

My biggest question is how she’s going to find the person who stole the rest of her outfit (and mangled her spine?) with that blindfold on, and hopefully that necklace doesn’t impale itself into her chest while she’s chasing them. 

The one positive I find in this creatively sterile design* is the fact that Seris, unlike most Paladins champions, isn’t a direct or indirect ripoff of any Overwatch character.
Though it won’t surprise me if she was heavily influenced by someone from a more fantasy-oriented franchise, like LoL or WoW… or maybe Warmachine [x]:



*Seriously, this is the top stock illustration for a “blind sorceress” that google proposes.

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