Wendy submitted:  

So… this is a new skin from Overwatch’s latest event and to say it’s disappointing is an understatement. It’s Widow’s first major event skin so I guess they wanted to celebrate by keeping her boobs exposed and exposing even more vital organs. Oh joy. It also looks soooo much like a generic “sexy sniper” it’s painfully funny – if someone told me that was a new outfit for Quiet I’d believe them. Honestly pick her up and throw her in any dark and gritty FPS and she’d blend in well.

On some brighter notes: 


This looks to be Mercy’s first major skin without a boobplate, and seeing how awful her Witch skin was (revealing they have no problem reducing her to fanservice) I’m really glad to see this. It’s also looks so much more creative than Widow’s, it’s almost like not worrying about showing a ton of skin gives you more room to be creative!

And it looks like they took her boobplate and gave it to Torbjorn, I’m super happy we get to see his body shape with that skin tight shirt of his!


@novoprocaine submitted:


If Widowmaker’s new skin was practical

I tried to salvage this brown piece of trash.

I think Wendy put the problems with Widowmaker’s new outfit really well. And novoprocaine proposed a simple, yet really functional fix (though I’d personally make it less boobplate-y).

Wouldn’t say it’s a boobplate on Torbjorn, just a tight tank top. Still, agreed that it’s nice to have a better look at his body type – something we don’t have the luxury of with Mei.


I mentioned in our Throwback that Widow’s new skin looks like someone designed a practical outfit and then had to cut pieces off, and this is exactly what I was talking about. The edit looks so much better, not just from a practicality standpoint, but as a design! I would personally give her sleeves of the same fabric as her undershirt, especially on her right arm, but the shapes on the torso look really good.

Mercy’s new skin feels a bit over-designed in a few places (like she has clips keeping her blue coat in place? strange), but she’s actually dressed for her job, which is glorious. I love the details on her tools and the medic armband.


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