I mean…


so not only is this Boob Armor appallingly ugly, but it’s extra inexplicable when you consider

they clearly goddamn know how to make lady armor without boobs, what the fuck happened?

Thanks to many readers who sent photos of the MCU Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok our way! 

Remembering that Lady Sif from the same franchise always presented as “Stupid Hollywood Bullshit, But Demonstrates That a Completely Armored Woman Can Still Be Sexy AF” and her armor veered on the smoother side of boobplate, it’s sad to see Valkyrie’s breastplate fully embrace the vacuum-sealed aesthetic. 

Is Valkyrie’s role in Marvel to always come in and bluntly remind us that female armor has to have hypervisible boobs

What a spectacular way to ruin an otherwise cool costume design and the introduction of Tessa Thompson, a woman of color, in a role of Norse-inspired character.


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