OK so on the left we got DC character Big Barda, as she was originally conceived by Jack Kirby and drawn that way for decades. And on the right we have her after some artists inexplicably decided to give her a boob window which not only defeats the entire purpose of her armor, but also clashes with the rest of the design and manages to actually make 60’s comics look progressive when it comes to women


i wouldnt go as far as to say the 60s made this design look more progressive in comparison, because in the 60s having a woman not wear revealing clothing was not preogressive, it was the expectation and thats how almost all women superheroes also looked. but still boob window 0/10

It’s sad when a retro costume including a boobplate and skintight chainmail (or maybe scalemail?) looks reasonable when compared to its boob-windowy “update”.

Dear DC, this is not how improvement works.


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