【新しい刀剣男士公開 千子村正(せんごむらまさ)】
[New Sword Announcement] Sengo Muramasa


An uchigatana designed for battle with a terrifying ability to cut forged by the founder of the Muramasa school (Sengo Muramasa). His mysterious behavior might come from the story about being long regarded as a bewitched demon blade. He’s a source of worry for Tonbokiri, who is also a work of Muramasa.

CV: ????

「huhuhuhu。どうしましたか? 脱ぎまショウか?」

“Huhuhuhu. What’s the matter? Shall I undress?”

Note: It’s said that Muramasa was a violent swordsmith who passed his tendencies onto his blades, such that they became bloodthirsty and could incite bloodlust in their wielders.

@bikiniarmorbattledamage  actually we have lots of sword boys like these in Touken Ranbu.

I must say, it’s great that Nitroplus recognized this legendary sword smith would have been empowered enough to parade around displaying his cleavage and giving us a sneaky peak of his thighs with his no pants, thigh high boots combination.

It’s just a shame that they couldn’t quite commit like they have for other characters in other games.

– wincenworks

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