I love Mashu/Shielder, but her armor is just. So bad. Yeah, second ascension covers the stomach window, but honesty? Even with that enormous shield, it shouldn’t be there in the first place. And the weird metal skirt with a gap in it? We know it’s just so w can get plenty of angles up her ass at her armor panties. The color scheme is right on, but she’s still showing a ton of skin, and that pale skin against the dark armor is just a flashing bullseye- if she can’t move that shield fast enough she’s getting pierced right in the gut. I don’t feel like this design gets picked on enough with all its tedious issues.

The above pic doesn’t show, but she has the highest of heels to boot, and while her ascended armor does actual get more metal covering her legs, there’s still unnecessary gaps of skin being flashed.

At this point we’re just confirming that Fate/Grand Order is made out of disappointment.

Despite what I expected, @ransa​ did not check “More advanced armor = skimpier” because technically Mashu gets more gear from stage 1 to stage 3… Though it looks more like just stages of very slowly dressing up than actually getting more armor:


And the final card, oh boy, not only accentuates her breasts (and boobplate-piercing nips) and poses her for a total panty shot via that hole in front of her tasstet; it also reverses her to stage 2 “armor”!




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