Sarah and Scott Ryder covers, side by side [x]

thank god n7 armor conforms to my feminine 20 inch waist

And gives my boobs little hatches, i mean we wouldnt want my boobs to NOT have little hatches they could escape thru before the rest of the body dies

@kathteamonroe this just in on “stupid design for female characters”


So, after the posing double standard fiasco on promotional image last year, Mass Effect Andromeda fixed it and gave female and male character the same exact pose in more recent artwork… yet introduced a whole slew of new double standard problems instead, like obvious body type difference and what seems to be the next stage of boobplate: nipple hatches.

One step forward, two steps backwards. This is very awkward, Bioware.


I’ve been holding back on commenting too much on Andromeda promotion material just because it’s been a wild ride and, as we’ve covered previously, Mass Effect has an odd history of jumping back and forward with quality of female costumes.


Given the juxtaposition between Dragon Age’s general design shifts and Mass Effect’s I can’t help but worry part of this this problem is that since Mass Effect is science fiction and hence seen as more accessible it gets more interference from Creepy Marketing Guy.

This is doubly a shame since it would be nice if we could have a vision of the future where these kind of double standards are not an issue.

– wincenworks

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