So, against all odds, it seems Overwatch’s “Winter Wonderland” promotion has started and based off the trailer it appears they have have not only avoided further sexualizing any of the female cast; but has also decided present Widowmaker in a manner that makes her look generally badass by focusing on what she does rather than cranking the male gaze angle up to 11 out of 10.

(Of course, here winter costume is just a recolor, but at least they seem to be working out that the costume isn’t helping convey they story they’ve given her)

Now if Blizzard could consider taking this sort of character-first approach with all their promotions and maybe start living up to early promises, it could even, one day, become time to give them a great big hug.


(Also Blizzard please accept this gif as proof that Zarya looks infinitely better when you don’t have hypervisible boobcups reminding us she has boobs)

– wincenworks

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