There’s a reason euroforces wear the crotch plates


The main weapon of the whole Belgian armed forces. Also why Dutch wear skinny jeans. Tested and proved. 

The most amazing thing about this tweet is not the tactical buttcheeks – but rather the plethora of guys who rushed in to tell @artsywindow he’s wrong by tweeting pics of popular male video game characters with tactical buttcheeks.

Characters if we use the term as loosely as possible, since it’s really only two characters and one is a clone of the other and they mostly only posted pictures of the clone.

Okay they mostly only posted these two pictures (from the same game)


Clearly there is one thing that video games desperately does need to learn from Hideo Kojima – and it’s how to dress male characters (just please don’t listen to any of his ideas for how to dress female characters).

– wincenworks

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