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It seems a popular trend in trying to defend terrible costume designs with random pictures of female wrestlers or MMA fighters.  Usually accompanied by some sort of rant about how anyone who questions the perfection of these costumes is the sexist one!

Yes, there are many sexualized costumes in women’s sports. It’s not because the costumes are flawless. Rather it is a sign that female athletes often suffer under the tyranny of Creepy Marketing Guy too.

At the end of the day, justifying sexist double standards in the media by pointing to more sexist double standards in the media only showcases how wide spread the problem is.

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– wincenworks

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Since we’ve just covered how plate armor can be worn by basically anyone who has the training,it’s probably good for us to address a popular defense of very suspicious dimorphism.

There’s nothing natural about it, it’s simply the result of thousands of media producers all buying into the same convenient myth that has no basis in reality and every basis in trying to feel good about objectifying women.

– wincenworks

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