So, for those not familiar with Vampire: The Masquerade or the game Bloodlines – the “clan” of vampires known as Malkavians are defined by the trait of all being plagued with supernatural madness.  Should the player choose to play as a Malkavian, the game gets weird and that weirdness is part of what made it a cult classic.

However: should the player choose to play as a female Malkavian – the game seems to decide that it wants to pioneer a new a new trope – mental illness is sexy.  All of her costumes are basically sex shop outfits.

Even the final level of gear, which almost looks alright except for the cleavage:

I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, or why it’s supposed to be… but I’m sure the guys really wanted you to think it’s a sex shop outfit because… well:

Sadly this aspect is rarely challenged by people who celebrate it as a classic roleplaying game – which is disheartening because there’s a lot of discussion about everything else wrong with the game from the delivery to some side plot decisions to the wording in some speech files.

– wincenworks

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