Hanza by J Hill

I do like this as an example of a design that is a pretty faithful alternative gender for a male character and, as part of that, a pretty good demonstration of how little modification to costume is really needed.

The only real gripes are the reduction in muscle tone and the indication that there’s bandages/strips of cloth used to hold boobs in place: That’s actually really dangerous and something we should really stop depicting as though it were a good idea.

– wincenworks

(edit: Thank you to those who pointed out the unfortunate de-aging when compared to Hanzo’s default skin, which this is a gender flip of.  Also thank you to those who wrote in to notify of Sarashi, which is a specifically Japanese technique using special bandages – while it is not clear on this model, this technique is too often depicted with regular bandages. The heels would be a lesser gripe.)

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