Concept: fantasy species where the ladies are nine-foot-tall horrors of teeth and claws and the men look like lithe twentysomething pretty-boys wearing body paint.

(Well, except for the Wise Elders. You can tell when a male is a Wise Elder because he looks mid thirties instead of early twenties and trades in the twinky underwear model aesthetic for a stubbly-yet-well-groomed Hot Dad vibe.)



This Friday, we continue the theme of suspicious dimorphism with this amazing sexy guy/monstrous lady subversion! 

Sad part is, this idea shouldn’t only come up as a joke. There is no reason, other than blind belief that “sex sells” (to cishet dudes), for fantasy/sci-fi dimorphism to always make females look like conventionally attractive humans
Just think of all the genuinely creative world building possibilities that open up with fictional society where men take the Green Skinned Space Babe role, while women fill out all the more interesting alien race tropes.


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