raininshadows submitted:

Apparently Viking women didn’t get cold at all, even when kneeling in the snow wearing a leather swimsuit and fur-lined boots.

(Cover of Viking Age, a d20 supplement intended to be used
for Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition, published by Avalanche Press.
Best I can tell, it was drawn by Lorenzo Sperlonga, who did some
similarly weird covers for Avalanche’s other books. According to
reviews, they’re actually pretty good books, but the clothing choices
leave much to be desired.)

I think her legs are frozen in place but she’s trying her best to look mean to ward off attackers.

Amazingly, this is not only not the only sexy viking RPG book Avalanche Press released, but actually the less absurd of the two.  I present to you Ragnarok!


This is how the world ends! Not with a bang but a whimper of despair over how that costume design got approved at a real publishing company.

– wincenworks

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