red-queen-on-the-heathen-throne submitted:

This is the Gunslinger class image from Revelation Online. A guy in a
Guild Wars 2 Facebook group recommended this. Why, I don’t know, there
is zero resemblance to GW2 here.

…on second thought, GW2 also has centaurs, at least. And guns, I
guess? But at least when GW2 does boob armour, both sides are the same
size, and no-one in Tyria has sticks for arms. How does she hope to fire
anything with THAT stance and THOSE arms? And why is her head so small?
To match the tiny top hat? Why anything in this picture? ôO

For bonus hilarity, the German version of the site translated her
class as “Scharfschütze” -> “sharpshooter”. Someone looked at this
and thought “yep, that’s what a proper sniper looks like”.

And they were so proud of her, they used her as the header image,
too. I think? It’s a little hard to tell, to be honest, the faces look
nothing alike, the guns seem to have turned from weirdly thin shotguns
to some sort of flintlock pistol, and those ridiculous shoes are a bit

She’s less a centaur woman than an emu woman.  Maybe this game is meant as a dramatization of the Great Emu War*?

*yes this is an actual thing

I’m not sure what part find most amazing… that they seem to have tried to spin this costume into quasi-steampunk without adding goggles and pointless cogs (how is that hat staying on her head?) or that she is, by far, not the most ridiculously clad class option:

They didn’t remember to give the “Swordmage” a sword.

– wincenworks

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