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I think i saw Star Ocean 5 here before but i’m not sure. They finally released some in game screenshots and the art for the main characters.


As anyone can see, the green haired girl quite a “unoptimal attire”. Her name is Fiore and here is her art.


I’ve seen a lot of crazy outfits in games but this is reaches around the “i can’t even” tier. Everything looks so glued into her i have no idea how she managed to wear that in the first place. 

But hey, i’m sure she must have a “good reason” to walk around like that right? According to one interview with the devs here:

F: I’d like to ask about a newly introduced character, Fiore. Is there a story behind her attire? (laugh)

K: In order to use spells in this world, mages must have a spellmark*** carved somewhere on their bodies. To show off the strength of her own spells, Fiore prefers to wear the kind of outfit that you’ve taken notice to. In Randock, the country that Fiore lives in, there are outfits used specially by Spellmark Mages, and you can customize these in any which way you want. I can ensure you they are far from being indecent (laugh).

Oh, so she needs to expose her skin to use her magic and “chose” to dress like that to show of her strenght! At least she isnt breathing through her skin.(I wonder if these guys are laughing because even they can’t keep a serious face with this crap)

But despite that, he isn’t wrong. I searched a bit and found out that this is “normal” in the Star Ocean universe. For example, this is Nel from Star Ocean: Till the end of time


As you can see, she “needs” to show off her thighs because the “magical marks”. But if that’s the case, then there are some problems here.

First is that, if Fiore really needs to show her marks, she doesnt need to show that much skin, only the necessary. And second is, Fiore doesnt have any marks. I keep looking the screenshots but cant find any.


This is even more disappointing. I mean, if you’re gonna invent a stupid excuse to make the character walk around semi-naked, at least go all the way and try to convince people, don’t lie about it and leave it that.

Yes, we featured that design before on BABD, and now that her special reasons for “choosing” to dress that way are revealed, it somehow got MUCH worse.


To be precise, Fiore does have a mark on her thigh, as seen in this pic of her on EscherGirls:


How does that explain wearing holes all over her body, not just that one spot on the leg? Hell if I know.

Dear Star Ocean crew: if you really want to excuse obvious sexualization with

a diegetic argument, then the least you could do is stay consistent within your own logic. It would still not be valid justification, but at least a less insulting one.


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