Speaking of gender discrepancies in video game character classes…


I’m currently in love with this game and wanted to share a particularly amusing aspect of it. 

If you have it for the PS4 you should look for me. I’m level 14, now, have the totally advanced UAV and the tank. 

If you see Aeros-redux playing with me, it means we’re both playing, and you will win, because we’re an awesome team. 

Nice! It so happens, another reader also suggested it:

topbananashana submitted:

Positive example of the difference – or lack of, I should say – between genders in the game Helldivers! It may be hard to see at first but there is a difference in model, the female is slightly slimmer with a smaller waist but it’s all realistic proportions and the armour is actually the same! Might just be laziness when making the models.. But I still dig it.

I wouldn’t call the realization that men and women have indeed very similar body structure “laziness”. That’s just a proof how insistence to make characters of the same class, by default, have completely disparate anatomy, animations and costumes based on their gender is a big pile of BS and literally gives the developers and artist more unnecessary work.

Somehow, this “extra work” later gets used as an excuse for not including playable women in big mainstream franchises that are long overdue with their female representation.*

Making mild adjustments to existing models and costumes instead of separately designing manly men (in class-suiting costumes) and generic pretty women (in skimpy outfits) from scratch is both more efficient and progressive approach, a win-win!


*And yes, while we realize Aveline de Grandpré exists and is awesome, we would also like to note how Assassin’s Creed Liberation is criminally under-marketed by Ubisoft compared to core games of the franchise, like Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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