Inspired by some of the comments on my colored drawing a few posts ago of Wonder Woman, I’ve gone ahead and updated the outfit (and the drawing). No more boob armor, guys. You’re welcome, her sternum is safe.

The funny thing is, I actually went out to make her design non-sexualized and entirely functional, ala a lot of male superheroes, with cues from gladiatorial outfits especially, but I just sort of derped out on the chest last time. Old habits die hard, I suppose! *curses high school*

Oh, as always, check me on DeviantArt and on my portfolio at Inklingart.net! 

That’s some really nice concept for Diana’s costume. So glad to hear it’s an improvement of an earlier boobplate-clad design.

If only other artists, involved in, say, video game or comic industry, were this eager to take criticism of their female armor into account instead of throwing tantrums regarding “self-censoring”.


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